What is wrong with us?

I read an article in the Chronicle this morning that has left me blue.  It told a story of a little boy who wanted to wear pink tights for ballet.

The author has the right perspective.

What saddens me is that in 2007 we spend 4 pages discussing if we should gender-correct children who want to be different than their sex.

Why do we care if a boy wants to wear a dress?    What is so awful about a little girl who refuses tafetta and dolls?  Why does this matter in our world?

We want conformity.  Look right, act right, talk right.. or else.  I am so sick of it.   Parents everywhere should scold their children for teasing anyone about anything.  Except maybe teasing a child for teasing another child.

I have bright red hair.  No big deal.

This week I had a new client say to me “With that hair, you better be good.”

Why are we so alarmed by the different?    I pray today that my little boy grows up in a world that has a backlash to his mom’s conformity world.  I hope when he is in elementary school ANYTHING GOES… wear what you want, wear your hair how you want…… sing out loud…. be different.

Netflix is the new voice mail hell

I use NetFlix. My husband and I love having mini-film festivals since we do not have television.

Recently, I flew across country with my son. I brought with me a NetFlix movie thinking it would help to have something to distract him. It didn’t help. I somehow lost the movie – I believe I left it on the plane. (Traveling with a child is like that.)

So I let NetFlix know I lost it. A friend of mine told me just to say it never arrived; however, I just didn’t feel good about that. I had it- I lost it.

Netflix let me know they would charge my credit card $20 for the damage. That is strange since previously viewed Cd’s go for a lot less than that- Okay, I lost it- my bad.

I found the CD today. It was in another CD case of music we had on the plane. In pristine condition, I decided to return it. I just spent a frustrating tape loop from hell on the NetFlix website trying to let them know. There is NO WAY to actually e-mail a customer service person.

Am I writing this post to let you know just how petty and insane I am.  If you have read a few posts, you know about the latter already.  I teach customer service and this is such a great example of how good companies stumble in taking care of people.  Rest assured, as soon as there are NetFlix competitors, there will be an 800 number all over the website.  For now, they can make their clients jump through hoops since they are the only game in town.
So, back to my story,  I search the website for ANY address. I find out they are hiring customer service people in Los Gatos. I send them a resume:

Hi. I do not want you to hire me.

I want you to keep me as a happy customer.

Since you are hiring customer service people, I assume you want to HELP your members.

I lost one of your CD’s. I reported it as lost and purchased it. I have since found the CD and want to return it.

There is no option on your website for this. There is also no way to actually contact anyone at netflix if there is a problem that doesn’t fit in your cute little boxes. Since you are looking for a customer service rep: I assume you have them there.

Please help. J

Christina Harbridge
The Movie: The 39 Steps, Hitchcock

Have a great day!


I will let you know what happens.

The Grove

I attended an all day session today in the Presidio at The Grove.  The facilitator Laurie taught us how to facilitate meetings using visual graphics and iconography.  Quite a fascinating process and I highly recommend it.



You have got to be kidding me….


Please tell me this is not true.

We have got to figure out a way to make the right decisions in our country. The officers in this case risk their lives to protect others… and now they are being prosecuted for doing their job.

This morning I did my usual walk in Brisbane. It was early on a Sunday and no one was up. It was POURING down rain.

I heard a car speeding of in the distance… many of our roads are one lane… For some reason I stepped out of the way just as a carload of teenagers sped by. I would have been killed.

I ran up the hill to call the police. Luckily one was right around the corner.

My point? We have a lot of kids in Brisbane. They play in the street as we are a small town.   If I had a car this morning, I would have run these kids off the road to stop them.  I can see ME being prosecuted for that action.. a police officer?  This is crazy.

Sad.  Very sad.

Give me your tired, your felonious

Thinking of going to Canada?   Have some skeletons in your closet?  It seems Canada does not allow certain backgrounds in their country.

My friend Barbara writes:

Do you need a “Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation” to enter Canada?  EVER “committed or been convicted of a criminal offense”, major or minor?  Dangerous driving, DUI, misdemeanor shoplifting resulting in a fine, pot possession?  Have a medical marijuana card?   Welcome to the information age…coming soon in other countries….
Here’s the current Canadian rules.
http://cic.gc.ca/english/visit/inadmissibility.html   Must wait 5 years after
end of sentence or probation to apply for rehabilitation.  Process can take
1 year, $200-1000 Canadian
More informative: 
Can apply for information only to see if your offense makes you
inadmissable.  Free.

There is NO automatic statute of limitations on any offense .. even if you are now 52 years old and got busted on a drug charge at 18…  Yikes.