Transformational Storytelling


Your mission deserves commitment, not cliché.

Transformational Storytelling


Your mission deserves commitment, not cliché.

Storytelling as a tactic has become so ubiquitous it’s almost passé.

And if your outcomes involve people, there is a foundational element that these popular storytelling tactics completely miss: commitment.

So many leaders are being trained to polish, perform, and formulaically present their stories, yet do they actually break through? Do their stories affect listeners after they leave the room? Christina will show you how to truly shift people, with less effort, using an underutilized resource you already have: biochemistry. And we ain’t talking about giving your audience magic mushrooms.

Storybeing™ will help you:

Inspire action and commitment in diverse listening physiologies

Reduce nerves and physiological hiccups to increase naturalness and influence

Get and keep biological attention in audiences

Make people in a room feel connected and relate to you

Gain commitment in all communication, not just presentations

“Everyone is always saying to be “real”, but Christina is the only person who actually taught me how to be real.”
—Workshop Participant

Say goodbye to catch-all storytelling, influence, or presentation gimmicks.

If you are a transformational leader, it is not your job to tepidly reach no one by trying to reach everyone. Seriously, aren’t you tired of using energy to accelerate people who are kinda-sorta committed? Exhausting. Christina will show you how to ignite those who add momentum to your movement.


To shift people, you must be real. But how?

Generic storytelling methods mask your authenticity, which is crucial to create audience connection. Without a true human connection your story may entertain, but will be quickly forgotten. With Christina you will tap into what make you genuinely and uniquely you, converting authentic facts and feelings into narratives that are natural for you and inspire action in others.

Get people listening eagerly, not transactionally.

Influencing people is physical and emotional, not intellectual. Learn how to tap into you and your audience’s physiology to create genuine and deep commitment, increasing execution and performance. The learning can be applied to all communication: sales, speaking, leading teams, and even personal relationships.

Choose from 3 learning experiences.

Your experience is individualized through in-depth behavioral surveys and attendee analytics prior to live sessions. This ensures all session content is relevant and immediately practical for you. The smaller the group, the more individual coaching attendees will receive.


An intensive experience with a small group. Each attendee will leave understanding their own style in influence, not general tools that are hard to pull off.

2.5 Days

In Person


Highly interactive learning session with less than 25 people. Some attendees can opt-in for live coaching then all will practice the learning.

1 Full Day

Live Online


An interactive learning event with less than 150 people. You’ll practice in breakouts and some will get live coaching. 

3-hour Session

Live Online

Join the waitlist and we’ll notify you when we start forming new cohorts.

1:1 coaching (hourly or monthly packages)

Each individual a unique, innate, human operating system. Christina helps you discover yours, and the complementary tools that increase your influence and ability to gain commitment. Ever feel frustrated or annoyed by people? That is a feature, not a bug. In 1:1 coaching, you will learn how to use frustration to liberate your talent. It may sound weird at first, yet using your physiology is actually easier than applying willpower when dealing with people.


For Candidates and Elected Officials

The real woman is more electable than anything crafted. As a founding board member of Emerge America, Christina and her content has helped thousands of progressive women get elected to office, and has helped many legislators navigate the pressures and complexities of public service. In highly interactive sessions with small cohorts, you will learn how to get clear on your message, uptick voter interest, retain your genius amidst harsh criticism, and turn tough moments into momentum for your movement. We will donate 20% of our proceeds to the non-profit organization that sent you (Ignite, Emerge, NLC, etc)

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