Fake is not a strategy.

Gain commitment, preserve outcomes, and influence others— authentically and easily— using physiology.

Behavioral change doesn’t need to be exhausting. Most leadership and communication tools fail because they require willpower and conformity. It’s not you: It’s the wrong tools being applied to you – and everyone else.

Every human being has a unique operating system, an inherent physiology, that affects how we listen and collaborate. We all feel nervous, anxious, and frustrated, and it shows in our sweaty faces and impulsive emails. Conventional training tells us to ignore or control these reactions, but Christina Harbridge knows they are a feature, not a bug.

Physiological shifts are pure gold. When you learn to recognize and use them, you’ll discover more innate talent, an ability to talk the way people listen for effective communication, and easier ways of working with others.

Leaders are often one moment away from better outcomes. The bridge is physiology, not just facts and feelings.

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