You have got to be kidding me….

You have got to be kidding me….

Please tell me this is not true.

We have got to figure out a way to make the right decisions in our country. The officers in this case risk their lives to protect others… and now they are being prosecuted for doing their job.

This morning I did my usual walk in Brisbane. It was early on a Sunday and no one was up. It was POURING down rain.

I heard a car speeding of in the distance… many of our roads are one lane… For some reason I stepped out of the way just as a carload of teenagers sped by. I would have been killed.

I ran up the hill to call the police. Luckily one was right around the corner.

My point? We have a lot of kids in Brisbane. They play in the street as we are a small town.   If I had a car this morning, I would have run these kids off the road to stop them.  I can see ME being prosecuted for that action.. a police officer?  This is crazy.

Sad.  Very sad.

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