Give me your tired, your felonious

Give me your tired, your felonious

Thinking of going to Canada?   Have some skeletons in your closet?  It seems Canada does not allow certain backgrounds in their country.

My friend Barbara writes:

Do you need a “Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation” to enter Canada?  EVER “committed or been convicted of a criminal offense”, major or minor?  Dangerous driving, DUI, misdemeanor shoplifting resulting in a fine, pot possession?  Have a medical marijuana card?   Welcome to the information age…coming soon in other countries….
Here’s the current Canadian rules.   Must wait 5 years after
end of sentence or probation to apply for rehabilitation.  Process can take
1 year, $200-1000 Canadian
More informative:
Can apply for information only to see if your offense makes you
inadmissable.  Free.

There is NO automatic statute of limitations on any offense .. even if you are now 52 years old and got busted on a drug charge at 18…  Yikes.

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