Netflix is the new voice mail hell

Netflix is the new voice mail hell

I use NetFlix. My husband and I love having mini-film festivals since we do not have television.

Recently, I flew across country with my son. I brought with me a NetFlix movie thinking it would help to have something to distract him. It didn’t help. I somehow lost the movie – I believe I left it on the plane. (Traveling with a child is like that.)

So I let NetFlix know I lost it. A friend of mine told me just to say it never arrived; however, I just didn’t feel good about that. I had it- I lost it.

Netflix let me know they would charge my credit card $20 for the damage. That is strange since previously viewed Cd’s go for a lot less than that- Okay, I lost it- my bad.

I found the CD today. It was in another CD case of music we had on the plane. In pristine condition, I decided to return it. I just spent a frustrating tape loop from hell on the NetFlix website trying to let them know. There is NO WAY to actually e-mail a customer service person.

Am I writing this post to let you know just how petty and insane I am.  If you have read a few posts, you know about the latter already.  I teach customer service and this is such a great example of how good companies stumble in taking care of people.  Rest assured, as soon as there are NetFlix competitors, there will be an 800 number all over the website.  For now, they can make their clients jump through hoops since they are the only game in town.
So, back to my story,  I search the website for ANY address. I find out they are hiring customer service people in Los Gatos. I send them a resume:

Hi. I do not want you to hire me.

I want you to keep me as a happy customer.

Since you are hiring customer service people, I assume you want to HELP your members.

I lost one of your CD’s. I reported it as lost and purchased it. I have since found the CD and want to return it.

There is no option on your website for this. There is also no way to actually contact anyone at netflix if there is a problem that doesn’t fit in your cute little boxes. Since you are looking for a customer service rep: I assume you have them there.

Please help. J
Christina Harbridge
The Movie: The 39 Steps, Hitchcock

Have a great day!


I will let you know what happens.

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  • Matt Lee
    Posted at 12:43h, 15 April

    There is a Netflix competitor: Blockbuster Online. They’ve been gunning for Netflix for a while now, with the ability to return discs to their brick-and-mortar stores as well as by mail. There are a number of other competitors (Gameznflix, GreenCine), but none as threatening to Netflix.

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