What is wrong with us?

What is wrong with us?

I read an article in the Chronicle this morning that has left me blue.  It told a story of a little boy who wanted to wear pink tights for ballet.

The author has the right perspective.

What saddens me is that in 2007 we spend 4 pages discussing if we should gender-correct children who want to be different than their sex.

Why do we care if a boy wants to wear a dress?    What is so awful about a little girl who refuses tafetta and dolls?  Why does this matter in our world?

We want conformity.  Look right, act right, talk right.. or else.  I am so sick of it.   Parents everywhere should scold their children for teasing anyone about anything.  Except maybe teasing a child for teasing another child.

I have bright red hair.  No big deal.

This week I had a new client say to me “With that hair, you better be good.”

Why are we so alarmed by the different?    I pray today that my little boy grows up in a world that has a backlash to his mom’s conformity world.  I hope when he is in elementary school ANYTHING GOES… wear what you want, wear your hair how you want…… sing out loud…. be different.

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