Yes we can

Yes we can

It really doesn’t matter who you prefer for the office of president – ya gotta admit this is inspirational.

In the unlikely story of America.  What a beautiful sentiment.

The past few weeks I have been stating to audiences national and international that I have worked in politics for 20 years and no longer believe politicians will change the world.  I have switched my focus to individuals who employ people- convinced they can switch from monetary success to significance and legacy.

Maybe Obama is the guy.  I have hope.  Despite all the ways the torchbearers often end up letting us down – I still hold hope.  I received a call today from a Congresswoman… not a client.. not someone I have helped get in office.. just a woman.. connecting.    Her message was of hope – hope in another way.  Not hope in winning an election- hope of making a human connection – of making a difference in our world.  Of gaining perspective across this nation rather than only in Washington DC.

It isn’t change we want.  I get that all the campaigns are circling on change like it is a dying carcass in a desert known as American politics.  The American people want on thing.  It isn’t change.

We want to believe.  We want to believe that no one knew the blankets carried small pox, we want to believe that Iraqis are better off with democracy, we want to believe the USSR fell because of the individual desire to be free, we want to believe that one young man staring down a tank in a Square on the other side of the world can live on, have a family and be happy.

Americans want the goosebumps.  We want to believe in ourselves and be proud of who we are again.  I suppose I can end this blog saying, yes we can.  It is what happens after the standing ovation that makes all the difference.

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