Wow, this stuff actually works

I am having fun writing a book. I should say completing a book as it has been a project in my life for quite awhile.
Last week I was writing in my chapter about some advice Dr. Richard Allen gave to me about communication. Actually, he wasn’t directing the advice to me.. we were just chatting about how folks can sometimes go into drama and the appropriate responses to this drama.
I added this idea to my book realizing I was going to need to test it out at least 10 times to prove it is a sound theory.
Today was the day. I still do some sales work for the company I recently sold. It is a wonderful sound business; yet folks calling in are sometimes quite rude and dramatic. So this guy Jack calls me and leaves a message. Sounds like a nice man on the message so I give him a call back. He answers the phone and will not acknowledge who he is until I go through 20 questions. Once I convince him I am actually returning his call, he chastises me for not being clear that he had called me.
No worries. We are all busy and we are all plagued by sales people cold calling. He starts asking me about my business. I let him know what my experience has shown and my opinion on a few questions he has.
The man flips out. It is difficult to describe the next 3 minutes. He is attacking me and being so incredibly rude I just couldn’t believe it. He yells over and over again that I my opinion is wrong and that I should never say what I said again. Over and over he says the same thing. A new volume each time.
I thought about letting him know that we likely were not a good fit for him. Instead, I said over and over again, “You are exactly right Jack.” After my third time saying you are exactly right, he paused… stuttered and said, Um, hold on.
After sitting on hold for 2 minutes I quietly hung up the phone.
What I think happened: He realized in the middle of his tirade that he was in a tirade. I suspect if I called him today he would be a super nice man.
I won’t be calling him. It is just nice to know the technique works.
Wow. This stuff reallly works.

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