White out Word out

I can’t seem to find a comfortable pair of stilletos. The girls in my office have the cutest shoes… I walk in them and I am in a tunnel of hurt. Pinched toes and unsupported arch cause me to focus on my feet rather than my world.
Yesterday, I wore my clogs. I couldn’t help but notice how much more I noticed when I was not wincing with each step. Not so pretty- and much more fun. As I raced against the red countdown to get across market street, I stopped. The “Black Skinny Pant” ad annoyed me. I used to be the girl. Before baby, before my love for movies, before cream fraiche. I missed the light- that stupid advertisement caused me to miss that millisecond of opportunity to leap out before the number 7. (or was it the 66?)
I noticed that a lovely human had altered the street advertisement. Written on a sticker on top of the word “Skinny” was the word “Sickly.” I laughed out loud and applauded the person. (A few around me moved away from me slowly… sure I was about to ask for a dollar or something.) I looked again at the advertisement- in the lower left hand corner it read “I Starve for Gap.”
Nice job liberating that advertisement.
I went about my business day and ended up walking down 6th street. not the Happiest place on earth- a wee bit grungy and hostilly interactive. I noticed one of the hotels had a sign out front “Best Rates” is what it said in its hey day. It appears someone decided to liberate the E and send it to Tahitii…(Where all E’s go to rest.) The sign now read, “Best Rats”
Wow! Two in one day. I was feeling great. Communication is going on out there in the world. In a subversive way. I jumped in my car and headed over the Bay Bridge- actually thinking about the written messages I had seen. I get majorly cut off by an SUV- I tried to imagine that the person driving is he mother of 6 and late to pick up her youngest. (I do this often when cut off in traffice, i imagine the person is in the hurry to visit a dying relative or a sick friend.) The traffic on the on ramp is STOPPED DEAD as my husband says. I read her license plate frame.. it says God’s Blessin’ . I wonder,does that mean god IS blessing or God (possessive) blessing. Then I see the rear windown. The owner of the car has used individual letter stickers to match her license plate frame. What she doesn’t realize is someone has altered the letters so they no longer match the license plate frame. it sayd
God’s BS’n
Ok. This is too much. Is this some sort of sign from the univers- all these alterations in just a few hours. What is the message?
don’t take myself too seriously. lighten up.
do ‘ ta m e u
oh who knows. all i know is i have a comunication and company and the world seems to be my science project. We must stop worrying about what others think about what we say – let them LET THEM .. no ENCOURAGE them to make our message whatever works for them. Put it out into the world and then let it go.
Rejoice in all of it’s reincarnations…. laugh… love the sublime.
This morning i called one of my dearest friends and asked her to come over. She made a joke that she had to wash her hair and organize her sock drawer.
Funny thing was, at that very moment, I had actually dumped my sock drawer out on the bed.. and ..i …was…reorganizing it.
Life is funny already. Imagine what a screen writer with a pen and some white out could have done with that moment. yes, I encourage improvement to my message. Welcome it.

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