When did you last frolic in the autumn mist?

When did you last frolic in the autumn mist?

Whenever I feel sad. Well. Disappointed. When I see evidence of a world that does not meet up to my highest heart and expectations.
I write in incomplete sentences.
I google
Puff the Magic Dragon.
A song that Peter Paul and Mary have song a million times before.
That a rational person would be sick of.
That of course we KNOW how it ends so therefore it just can’t be interesting anymore – can it?


That is ONE version. The better ones are more recent.

Sure, you can watch PP&M. OR
we can watch the kids. their faces. the delight.
The sadness when they realize that dragons live forever… but not so little boys.

The parents who knowingly place their chin on the heads of their little kids who are only in their lap for a heartbeat it feels.

Delight. Wonder. Depth. Those things. Those moments. More incomplete sentences that sound much better if I was doing spoken word instead of reaching in in between the lines of a blog post.

Just because we have done it before doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting.

I sense at times we get addicted to the new when, like ambrose bierce said, there are a lot of old things we really do not know.

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