What I wish Tiger Wood would have said…

What I wish Tiger Wood would have said…

“..I’d like to say something to the kids all around the world…………………Over the past few years, I have been a role model for young people. Over the past couple of months the world has become aware that this role model has some questionable character flaws that are shameful and that I need to personally work on. I am speaking right now to the young people … be careful who you make your role model. Just because a person can swing a club does not make them worthy of your attention. There is a person inside of you that is so much stronger than I am and deserve your admiration. Words do not matter now. Behavior does. I am committed to being as good a man, a husband and a father, as I am a golfer.”

When a famous person messes up (and I think most people agree Tiger has messed up) there is this tremendous opportunity to reach out to people and teach something. Tiger Woods has enough money – his legacy could be to get kids to focus their adoration on themselves instead of some guy with a stick. 🙂

I wish PR people would take public admissions to the next level – transformation for all of us not just mea culpa for one of us.

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