They aren’t pimping tapes

All day I had been looking forward to going to The Lab ( and seeing some friends with their kinetic sculputer and metal fire fun. Brett, our nephew, needed to see some visual feasts not found in Austin Texas. Right before it became time to saddle up, my little precious pitter patter, Sebastian, made it clear he was not going.
John encouraged me to go ahead and take the kid and he would stay home with the baby. I considered this option for a moment and realized Brett is surrounded by women: his mom, aunt Jean and Grandmother Lillian. This boy needs some guy time.
The baby fell asleep quite easily. My MAC was temporarily broken, (Thank you Eric for fixing it) so I was unable to sit next to the baby and write in my book. Thumb twiddle thumb twiddle.
So I get up and start doing what I do when I am bored …. cleaning up my e-mail in-box. (We do not have television. My husband doesn’t have TV for philosophical reasons. I share his reasons. I must say though, I got rid of my television over a decade ago when I realized it was crack for me and I did not have will power. We don’t miss it.. really. My sister TIVO’s shows so when I go to visit she can keep me culurally up to date.)
I digress….again. I see an e-mail from Verne Harnish ( .. he is a business guru who facilitates the Birthing of Giants ( program I was in. In this e-mail, he reminds me that my friend Jason Abernathy, someone I respect and admire, suggested we watch
I am about to trash it when I realize Jason is someone I should listen to. I am hovering over the delete button as my little boy wakes up. I move some blankets and pillows into my office, cuddle little Sebastian up so he will fall back asleep, and pay my 5.00 to watch
I must be blunt. The first 5-minutes of this program made me gag. I can not think of anyone who I trust enough to continue watching this thing. I continue watching – I trust Jason that much.
It is quite incredible. A concept I have lived most of my life. A concept I lost touch with in the past few years. I am so thankful to be reminded of it.
It views like an info-mmercial. It will make you gag. They do not try to sell you anything at the end. Watch it.

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