Ever had the feeling when you walk into a room that there are people of your tribe you have never met. Sunday, I attended a political function at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. I was fortunate enough to sit next to a woman with eyes that are almost impossible to describe. The depth and soul of this human struck me from the moment I asked if “this seat was taken.”

Come to find out, she is documentary filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman. I received her film today upon return from Harbin Hot Springs. (My parents were hippies, I am not.)

I googled her name and laughed hysterically when I read her husband’s website. ” Dorothy and I have been married close to 40 years and we think it is working.” Love them already.

Check out her website

Of course, I will write about the movie tomorrow, my experience with this woman already gave me such a gift. The world out there is very very tiny. It is easy to find people in all the strangest place. This reminded me of what my husband taught me. Serendipity has been upgraded. See story below…

When this war started, my husband and I, recently engaged, decide to put three daushund dogheads on a flatbed trailer (DoggieDiner Dogheads, if you remember the restaurant chain from the 60’s)

and drive them across America. We asked a few of our performance artist friends to join in. We decided to celebrate what was beautiful about America and drive a roadside attraction (the Holy Trinity of the Dogminicon Order) to roadside attractions. We went to Graceland, Hoover Dam, Mt. Rushmore, Cadillac Ranch, Vegas, The Mutter Museum.. I could go on. We interacted, did grand performances.. met some amazing folks. All about celebration in a very dire scary time. ( I was not on the entire trip, sadly.)

We did a sold out performance at CBGB’s in New York. We were all EXHAUSTED after weeks of travel. My husband wakes us up at 8am and says.. “Hey.. it rained yesterday.” He seemed really excited. We are annoyed. I think the entire bus threw something at him .

He continues… “Hey… yesterday there was this Daushund dog Convention in Washington Square Park yesterday according to the newspaper. Since it was raining yesterday.. I bet they are doing it today. GET UP.. we gotta go!”

We arrive at the park, bleary-eyed, tired and really mad at my husband. We buzz the perimeter of Washington Square Park… 14 performers, a giant bus with homemade bikes on top… and 3 Giant Daushund Dogheads.

There were 400 Daushunds and their people in the park. I can’t describe to you what it was like when we stopped and they moved toward us.

I will never forget a woman coming up and asking me who we were and where we were from. When I replied San Francisco.. she smiled and said, “Wow, and you drove all the way out here for this.”

That was what our trip was like. So much so, Ed Holmes created a new word.

It is no longer Serendipity… it is really serentypical!

  • betty harbridge
    Posted at 15:00h, 09 April

    Doesn’t sound like the little Christina I first met that was afraid to jump off a bridge. I’m proud. love you.

  • Christina Harbridge-Law
    Posted at 17:50h, 15 May

    Wow! For those of you who don’t know.. Betty Harbridge is my wicked stepmother.. the kind of woman who would cut off a brand new pair of white Dittos with a steak knife to swim with a 10-year old little girl. (only to find out later that said WSM was TERRIFIED of swimming.)
    The coolest woman I have ever met.

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