Remain Lofty

Remain Lofty,
I have never heard this sentiment before. My tendonitus fingers, even when in their healthiest form, would under perform in my attempt to describe the wave of understanding that preceded the goose bumps.
My friend Andrea is a brilliant woman. She is responsible for a movement. She heard a deafening silence in the progressive movement and has strived the past 4 years to beat a verbal drum.
There is a low rumble on the hills… and with any sound creating an echo.. the pitch is a tiny bit less resonant… and on the horizon .. marching in syncopated rhythm.. the detail brigade.
In the middle of an important meeting that will launch her vision into reality, Andrea met with all the details and contract rigmorale. As a true visionary would, she is able to in the moment connect back in to exactly what the progressive movement needs to remember.
Amid all that quagmire of i’s to dot and t’s to cross, she said “We must remain lofty.”
More than a bumper sticker, these words speak to our stumbles, no more than that, our hesitating the past few years. Most of us – in our vision- whatever that may be.
I am reminded today to dream.. dream ahead of my task list.. despite of my task list.
As I considered for a moment where my digits would lead me as I closed this record of my day, my son did his nightly search for me. Each night, about an hour after he falls asleep, he wakes up, actually rolls over into the crawl position and pecks around looking for his mommy to nurse. I do not think he is awake – he is sleep pecking… eyes closed.. in search of a warm breast to nourish and cuddle. He is dreaming. He has no fear – there is blind faith that I am there waiting for him. I am.

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