Read this Article any time you feel like whining…..

met an incredible woman tonight. After a 15-minute conversation with her, I realized I my life was about to be changed.
After discussing the issues, I asked her when she decided to run for Congress. “The day I checked out of the hospital after 18-months.”
When I returned home, of course I googled her. I read this quote in an article, when asked how she came to the decision to run, “Duckworth chewed it over for two months with her husband, whom she describes as a true partner: “He annoys me. I annoy him. He chews gum with his mouth open. I leave my legs lying around on the floor.”
Damn. This woman really has it. Read the article.. read her website – what an incredible story about guts and gratitude.
I will never complain about my life again – ever.
Geez. See article below…

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