Lighting a candle for you

I woke up this morning to the wafting scent of a citrus candle. A reminder to be still my biting tongue.
A few weeks ago, I purchased a 20 lb stone candle holder and presented it to my partner. The idea: let’s me mindful of how we speak to each other. We have a communication company- let’s practice new skills in communication.
The idea? If we sense that our communication has a bite- just light the candle. A ritual. No fanfare or admonishment- just light the candle. We can light in response to a bite or in anticipation of our own gnawing jaws.
The result has been incredible. Not only does our home smell like a catholic church or Pier 1 Imports- we are more gentle in our married talk. Treating each other better.
Ritual: alive, well working.

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