In the realm of the glimpses

A trick I often use when I get nervous is looking around and trying to notice things that make me happy. Yesterday, I was getting ready to lead a session on political advocacy for a group of doctors and nurses who are offering up their bodies as guinea pigs for chemical testing.
I was sad that I was missing a day with Sebastian and a wee bit worried leading a session on physiology and somatics with a group of people who have studied their whole life about it.
So. There I am. I open all the blinds. Across the street is a retirement home. It says “Luxury living for those 55 or better.”
Made me laugh. Nice way to put it. Ever since my 40th birthday I feel a wee bit behind the race. Better.
I look to the right of the building. There are 5 guys working on the roof. They have an open fire. One of the guys pulls a bag of marshmallows out of this Carthartt. They all through their heads back and laugh.
Nice day.

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