I’m yours

I’m yours

I am often rushing. Yesterday I decided to get a cup of coffee and sit on a bench in an alley by my office. The bench has a sculpture of a man and a woman reading a baby book.
Sitting on the bench I am thinking about life. Love. Happiness. A kid in a baseball cap walks toward me and sits on the bench. He is about 12 (likely more like 25.) He starts playing his guitar. Turns to me. Sings a song I have never heard. For about 4 minutes or so. I’m sitting there tearing up. He ends. I am speechless.
“What is that song”
“That is your song. Have a great day.”
He gets up and walks away. I am aghast. Minutes later I wonder if it really happened.
I love this generation. The random way they interact. I’ve done a lot of street performance where we entertained.. .this little Flash Guitar was something else.
Made my day.
I’ll talk about it when my teeth are sitting in a glass at my bedside.

Thank you young man.

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