I don’t like Mince Meat Pie either

Food poisoning? It turns out it was the stomach flu. The good thing about food poisoning is : your 11-month old baby can’t catch it.
My husband is in Rome for 2-weeks and I have no family near by. I am blessed to have a girlfriend, Amy, who steps in, risks infection and takes care of me and the baby. I thought I understood how difficult being a single parent must be… I can’t even imagine. My hat is off to all the parents out there doing this on their own.
I also realized the impact that daycare has on a child. My husband and I opted for a multi-child daycare situation instead of a nanny. To be honest, I did interview tons of nannies and couldn’t find one that I would let watch my luggage. Ok. After much consideration we convinced ourselves that multi-child daycare would be better for him… he’d get to play with lots of kids.
Cost was a factor. A nanny was almost three times more expensive and we were on a budget.
A few friends have made comments to me lately that it seems like my son is sick a lot. I started thinking about it (there isn’t much else to do but think when your baby is throwing up and needs to be held.) Wow. It is true. Kids who go to daycare are exposed to more germs than kids who are watched by a nanny.
Let’s face it, at daycare, these kids are slobbering all over each other and playing all day long. The minature table and chairs are basically a Petri Dish of germs, flus, bumps and viruses. I heard myself say, “This is the best way to build an immune system, by getting sick.”
Is that true? Is that just want moms tell themselves. Moms who due to financial situation choose the daycare option rather than a nanny? Is this just like the nights I say “Quality time instead of quantity time” when I have worked all day and have some board meeting until 7:30pm.
I guess the badge all moms wear is the badge of responsiblity. Every decision we make will have an impact on our children. Some of the decisions are made out of necessity and when we do not have the choice we wish we had.
I heard the guy living in the white house today on NPR. A reporter asked him, “there have been a ton of books written about you. If you were to write a book on the IRAQ war, what would you say you wish you did differently?”
Then man must have just had lunch with Rove. His reply, “Yeah, there have been a lot of books written on me. I am sure it is probably a record, in terms of number of books about a president. That shows that I had to make some pretty tough decisions.”
That was his answer. No responsibility for any outcome- just a “decision maker.” I can only imagine what the parents of kids over there are thinking today.

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