I am psychic

I am psychic

Last week I told my sister that I should work for Britney Spears. (spelling?) I know exactly what the girls needs to do to get out of the sinking ship that is her brand.

Shave her head. Tattoo a bar code on her head. Do a record called Barcode. Have songs in it like:

I smack my gum; A New Mom in a Fish Bowl; Kids, Don’t do ectasy, it makes you marry poorly.  Embrace the insanity that is her life and power on through.

Damn.  She only heard the shaved head part.  Done.  The part she missed is to OWN what she did.  

Howard Dean did not lose the nomination because of his rebel yell.  He lost the nomination because when interviewed about it the next day he apologized for it. 

People:  OWN what you do when you do it.  Make it work for you. 

Yes!  I shaved my head- isn’t it beautiful?  I am starting this year clean.  The next thing I will do is tattoo a barcode for easier purchase.  I am starting my first step in cleaning up my act.  My youngest son doesn’t have hair- I look like him now.

ANYTHING except hiding and cowering.

Own it.  What is hair anyway?  Shave it off.  Go for it.  Let them whisper and wonder.


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