Goth Workshop

Goth Workshop

Look at the talent of these two artists.  They are transforming the internal environment… Stunning.

They are also great story tellers.  Jeff told me a great story last night….

Our friend Tamara decides to have a Goth Workshop years ago.  Two of the attendees go outside to smoke a cigarette.  They are dressed in Goth drag and practicing their postures.  Across the street, two Frat boys, complete with the upturned collar, yell across the street, “Fag.  Where is your mommy, asshole..”  Etc. Etc.

The two fake Goths are thinking, “Oh my god, we are going to be beat up by these two frat boys for being Goth, (they were not goth.)”

The two Frat boys come running across the street toward them laughing saying, “Sorry.. sorry.. we are totally kidding.. we are going to this party where we are supposed to dress up like Frat boys and we were just practicing…. ”

The Goths laugh and say, “No problem.. we are actually attending this Goth workshop….”

Life is like that.


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