Fairmont hires dancers

650 person keynote
Scottsdale, Arizona
Not all the moving parts were working the way I’d like them to. A wee bit stressed. Still having fun.
First AV guy: Hi What can I do for you today?
(I had BustaMove -kid n play- playing on the loudspeakers.
Um, the running man?
After a few seconds of thinking, my AV person busted a move: the perfect running man.
Moments later, another representative who would help me with sound approached. Can I get you anything?
Um. Well. The last guy did the running man.. what do you have for me?
Maybe 2 seconds passed… he did the sprinkler… and the music wasn’t even good
I applauded. Wow. This is customer service! (Fairmont Hotel i Scottsdale. A green hotel.. no bottled water – everyone received a water bottle and a 5 gallon jug at the back of the room.)
My last person. Ryan. In a suit. Just checking to make sure I was happy and ready. Anything I can do?
Um, well Ryan. I got the running man and the sprinkler.. what do you have for me?
After much thinking…I still can’t believe it… the man busted out with the shopping cart. Do you even remember that dance?
Life is good.

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