Connecting the Cut

Connecting the Cut

I learned a memory technique when I was working with Dale Carnegie Training years ago. The basic premise is to ‘stack’ items together and associate them to the object you are hoping to remember. The more detail the better.

Zephyr is an 11-year old cutie I met in New Jersey. I had the fantastic opportunity to teach her this technique so she could remember the 13 colonies in their order of admittance into the Union. (important stuff for an 11 year old)

I started to teach her the stack i learned for this feat. Roughly 1/2 the associations were absolutely timed out. Her generation had no idea who Marcus Welby MD was… What a Rhode Island Red was…

She quickly came up with her own associations and learned the stack in 10 minutes. The next morning she wowed everyone with her memory.

Her dad, Ron English, is one of the best artists around.

Creativity runs in the family.

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