2 things today

2 things today

On a car during rush hour with 6 little kid stickers on the rear driver window. You know the ones. The Mom stick figure, the dad stick figure, the dog, maybe the cat and then the number of kids. 6 kids. (lucky)

Sign said:
“I love you as you are. I just love you too much to let you stay that way. -God”


Then, an e-mail from a friend who remembered my dad loved Edgar Allen Poe. Sent my pop this one for his birthday.

The Happiest Day, the Happiest Hour
by Edgar Allan Poe

The happiest day – the happiest hour
My sear’d and blighted heart hath known,
The highest hope of pride and power,
I feel hath flown.

Of power! said I? yes! such I ween;
But they have vanish’d long, alas!
The visions of my youth have been –
But let them pass.

And, pride, what have I now with thee?
Another brow may even inherit
The venom thou hast pour’d on me
Be still, my spirit!

The happiest day – the happiest hour
Mine eyes shall see – have ever seen,
The brightest glance of pride and power,
I feel – have been:

But were that hope of pride and power
Now offer’d with the pain
Even then I felt – that brightest hour
I would not live again:

For on its wing was dark alloy,
And, as it flutter’d – fell
An essence – powerful to destroy
A soul that knew it well.

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