The trepanning

The trepanning

It is happening again.  It isn’t even close to the election and it is clear.

I love being a liberal.  I wear the badge proudly with the ink on my skin and the color of my hair. 

The issue with the national presidential race is the island of Washington DC.  The campaigns have circled the wagons and do not understand they are wearing Dittos to a 501 concert.

 My political party is two steps behind.  As an entrepreneur, I get that to be successful, I must be at least two centimeters in front of the competition.

There is a new communcation reality : I have talked about it before.  If I hear one more candidate say,



I will defenstrate myself.  I think waters down the effectiveness of what the person is saying.  Why do we have this virus:  the I THINK VIRUS.   Tired of it.

Take out a pencil. Now.  Right now.  I will wait.  I will type slow so you will not miss anything.

Great big dogs eat animals


If you do not know piano you do not know what the heck I was just typing.. very.. slow….


anyway.. ready?


write down   I THINK


put a LINE through it.  Remove this phrase from your vocab. 


I think we should get out of Iraq.


Really??  Do you think?


how about


We MUST get out of Iraq.


Hear it?


I little better.





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