The debate debate

The debate debate

Political advisors are so stuck in the Nixon/Kennedy debates. Things have changed so much in the past .. what .. 50 years? geez…

The debate of the Democratic Presidential candidates yielded some clear results. HRC won hands down on policy. Biden won hands down on personality. Gravel won hands down as the whack job.

If I was on Obama’s team- I’d be working on one thing: Get your policy down. Find specific examples that show you know this stuff. The guy is SO GREAT at rapport – he needs some work on debating with policy.

One way to do this: experiential extrapolation. List the things he has done and make them relevant to the major issues that face our culture.

I worry about his comment about the environment. What have you done in the past 90 days to address the environment? Don’t you have an answer/ if you dont… go watch Al Gore’s movie….

🙂 I haven’t been bloggin much.. trying to finish my book.

I am only blogging now to AVOID writing my book….

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