Patrick Chamusso

Patrick Chamusso

I am struggling. I must admit.

I had drank the Kool-Aid. (actually it was Flavoraid that the Jonetown Massacre folks drank.. but you get the picture if I use Kool-Aid.)

I was a full-on Newsom supporter. I  believed in the man and what he was doing for the world. I had heard, sure, all the personality quirks.. his lack of close persona friends.. all the gossip that goes with being in office.  I still believed so much in what he was doing.

I was disgusted when the news came out. it is awful having an affair. Worse to have it with a friend’s wife. Worse to work with they guy and have everyone on staff know about it than the guy. Let’s ignore that for a second. Let’s assume we can remove the chip in our brain that gives a damn about that disloyalty.

To be that stupid. To do something that removes the greatest ally for a campaigh: the campaign chair. Now that is dumb.

I struggle. i believe in what Newsom has done for our city. Yet, he lacks integrity in his personal life.

So I have been thinking of voting for someone else. Someone with a stronger moral compass.  I hate these decisions we must make.  YES, I have made mistakes in my life.  We all have.   I categorize a mistake as rear-ending a person’s car….

Then I read about Patrick Chamusso. About a man who stumbled ethically in his marriage and embraced forgiveness.  He had another child with a woman in the same village and did not tell his wife about it.  Then he went on to help end the system of Apartheid and showed an incredible level of forgiveness. 

Does a stumble in our personal life impact our ability to do great things in the world?

Look what Chamusso man did… how him moved a nation… how he embraced forgiveness for those who tortured those he loved during Apartheid.

And to his wife, he was the worst offender.  And she to him.

I am troubled by this situation.  How to think it through and sustaining judgment.  Can a politician be vile at home and still be a fantastic leader? 

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  • SnakeSkin
    Posted at 15:30h, 05 April

    Yes, someone can do great things professionally, and still be a total shit in their personal life. Just like someone can be a great person in their personal life, and be worthless in their profession. Someone could be a great singer, but terrible friend, or vice versa.

    Whether to support such people is a different question. If someone has done a good job professionally, they just may continue to do so. If someone habitually makes very bad choices, they just may continue to do so.

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