Obama Fever

Obama Fever

One of the best speakers I have ever heard.  He was exhausted, tired and run out.  Still, his ability to speak passionately about our country inspired the crowd.

A man fainted in the audience.  He stopped his Stump Speech and asked for help.  He did not speak again until he was sure the man was okay.  He teased they guy, “You’re young.. you’ll be a-right.”

He talked about Selma Alabama and the recreation of the civil rights walk.  He corrected people who say it is a celebration of Black History.  It is a celebration of American History.  just like the Union organizers.  Just like the Suffragettes (whoops… he didn’t mean it… wrong term, and you get the message.).  Just like the 13 colonies.  American history.

He talked to the band.  He talked to those of us in line.  Very personable.  It seems impossible that we had a meaningful conversation in 45 seconds.  It felt we did.

He talked about his eight year old daughter Malia saying, “Oh, dad is doing that president thing.”
Listening to my tape of the event, the audience erupts in laughter every 5 seconds in the first 5 minutes.  Really. 

He talked about his fear no one would show up when he announced his run for presidency.  17,000 people showed up.

He talked about not having experience.  Dick Cheney had experience.  Donald Rumsfeld had experience.  (audience goes nuts)

It is interesting the way he used “We Know…” to segue between points.  We know we need healthcare for all (spoke for a minute on this)  We Know we are in a war we do not want to be in (spoke for a few minutes on this)   He used this pattern through out his talk – it worked for him.

 He asked the question, can I win the presidency?  The audience cheered yes.  He sort of nodded his head and quipped, “My opponents sure think I can.”  (Audience goes nuts again.)

What I didn’t hear is policy.  Some people were annoyed by that.  A Stump speech is meant to give goosebumps.. it did.   It is easy to see how humans are getting swept away with the enthusiasm of this man. 

I’d coach him on one thing though.  When being introduced- the entire room is watching you Senator Obama.  Look at them.. or at least smile and connect.  Your shoes are nice- just not that interesting for you to look at.  😉

Yes, y’all, I have an opinion about everything.


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