How the Supreme Court may have saved the planet

How the Supreme Court may have saved the planet

Al Gore.

Love him.

Won the election- lost the presidency.

Supreme Court. Surprisingly did the wrong thing in a moment of history. I thought.
Al Gore.

He never said he invented the internet.

He did save our planet from economic devastation by the usage of military funds to create something we all could use.

The government gave us the internet in the form of two tin cans and a cup. The Bay Area took this thing and turned it into Spock, Beam me Up Transporters. Our innovation and yes, even in some cases, our greed, made the entire world just a little bit closer.

Al Gore deserves an award for that. For sure. The spin-meisters who crafted the invention lie deserve a public pie-ing.

So he walks away from the presidency. Al Gore. He avoids the risk of upheaval in our country and lets Bush have it. I was mad at him for that. I really felt he could have saved us from Iraq, Oil prices blah-dee-blah.

I wonder.

An Inconvenient Truth.

As president, he clearly would not have had the time to create such a film. This film is finally getting the little folks, the Americans who have the power to turn off a light, to see the dire situation the world is in.

People are paying attention. Oscar. Peace Prize. Wow.

My friend Braun said to me today that he had an epiphany. The internet saved us economically and Al Gore was a part of that. If the American people respond the way we did to the internet, perhaps this sustainable energy thing, Al Gores new project, just may pull us out of another economic depression. Braun pointed out that when gas prices go up, taxes go up. The oil companies do not pay the extra tax: the folks pumping their gas do. What is happening right now is offensive and the American people should be protesting.

Hey Al Gore…. let me be the first to thank you…. 5 years from now, if Americans get into their innovative spirit, you are going to be heralded as the person who made this happen.

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