Congressman Cole does not like Nancy Pelosi

Congressman Cole does not like Nancy Pelosi

 So I get this call from Congressman Cole.    It seems I am being honored by the NRCC and George Bush for being such an outstanding business person in America.   It is people like me who make this country run.. blah blah blah.

I get this personal invitation from Congressman Cole to attend.  He even took the time to pre-record a message for little old me.  I listen intently.  This is SO exciting.

The next 2-minutes is an incredible journey is partisan politics.  Congressman Cole doesn’t like Nancy Pelosi.  According to him, she and her Democrat friends, are going to destroy businesses like mine with their wage bills and healthcare reform.  It is business people like me who need to stand up and fight against the evils of trying to give a fair wage to underpaid humans and for the love of go DO NOT give everyone healthcare!  (ok, he didn’t say that)

What he did try to do is make me feel like I was selected for an award and I should be in fear of my business being destroyed.

There are laws against things like this.  This call is simply a political fundraising call.  They want me to come to the NRCC Dinner with George Bush.

They want me to pay $5,000 for the honor.  They want me to THINK I am getting an award when really they are trying to get me donate funds.   If a business did this sort of telemarketing they would be sued.

I tried to pretend I was one of them so I could get a recording of the message.  I couldn’t.  When I did finally discover my ruse wasn’t working, I did let the telemarketer know what I thought of their techniques.  I also let her know I was on the do not call list and I wondered what made them exempt from the list. 

Congressman Cole does not like me anymore.  

  • Rachel Brand
    Posted at 08:28h, 12 April

    I’m glad you wrote this, because I got a call from the NRCC too. I was wondering, “who are they?” and “what’s this all about?” until I read your post.

  • Bill Barrett
    Posted at 07:19h, 10 September

    I just got this call this morning. I see he’s been doing this for an awfully long time. I’m a Republican, myself – but what a bunch of bulls****.

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