Bicycles are like the Blue Angels

Bicycles are like the Blue Angels

I read some stats yesterday about child accidents. One of my first detailed memories was of my brother Sean dying in our home. (In his fort outside our home actually.) It has made me a little paranoid as a mother. I try really hard not to be a nervous Nelly. I still am at times.

I am always calculating the odds. It is the nerd part of me, I used to be a pocket protector wearing computer programmer – I can’t seem to get that out of my system. I was researching accidents. It is sick. I know.

Riding a bicycle is one of the top rated accidents for children. Looking at the stats, a good way to avoid injury is to not let a kid ride one. I would never, ever make that decision for my child. He is getting a bicycle as soon as he wants one. I want him to experience the freedom, the wind on his face, the excitement of that bike.

Yesterday I squealed all day as I watched the Blue Angels buzz the Bay Bridge and my building. I am lucky to be right on the water and it was thrilling. The sound.. I could see the pilot and their helmets. The rush I got from this was all about fun. Whhhoooooossssh! My son yelling “Airplane go fast momma!” He claimed Elmo was driving one of them.
Chris Daly, a supervisor in San Francisco, wants to bar the Blue Angels from buzzing San Francisco. There was an accident a few years ago in an air field, very very rare and he is certain it will happen here. He also claims this show of military might is offensive to such an anti-war town.

I disagree. Being overprotective we lose our spirit and our joy for life. Ride kids Ride!! Fly Blue Angels Fly!!!!

The Blue Angels are not showing military strength: they are celebrating what the Wright Brothers created, the ambition of young men and women who want to go FFFAAAASSSSTTTTT and the celebration of innovation in our culture.
Bicycles are dangerous. The Golden Gate Bridge is dangerous. Life is dangerous. I for one do not want to live in a bubble. (unless of course it is airborne floating around)

Life is too precious for bubble wrap.

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  • David LaPlante
    Posted at 01:02h, 07 October

    He probably didn’t get to ride bikes as a kid 😉

    Great post. Kids and bikes are like kids and candy. Never will they be as appreciated as much as when you are a kid.

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