You know you are in a horse town when…

 Norco, California is a horse town.  If you somehow miss the hay billowing about, the 174 western style clothing stores, the scent of manure or the tie posts outside all of the bars… there is another clear indication Equus Caballus…..

Need to cross the street?   You will find two sets of “pedestrian” buttons to change the signals to WALK.

There is a button about three-feet high for walkers….

A button about 7 feet high for cowboys so they don’t have to get off their horse.


2 Replies to “You know you are in a horse town when…”

  1. Ah… home sweet home! As Larry Palmer wrote, “Norco, where the horses are well- bred and the folks well-mannered”.

  2. It is a town which is heavily populated with equine .. there are approximately 60,000 horses in a town boasting a human population of 24,000. If the horses are ever emancipated we may be in trouble.

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