Things you can do with a waffle Iron

Things you can do with a waffle Iron

I I had time I’d create a cookbook of all the recipes I have cooked up to keep my son interested in vegetables.

I don’t so I’ve decided to blog about them.

Get waffle mix.  I use the hippy kind.. you can use Bisquik.  Mix it up like normal.  Then use a cuisinart to finely chop vegetables.  I put in turnips for extra zing.  Add the veggies to the waffle mix, extra eggs and add cheese.  Butter up the waffle iron (I use a Hello Kitty iron)  and cook as normal.

I don’t use syrup – instead my son eats them with catsup I create with tomatoes and a little molasses.

He eats these up – they are easy to freeze to use when in a hurry and i love them too.

We have tried all difference variations of this.. and it is always great.

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