Please tell me it isn’t true

Please tell me it isn’t true

On my 18th birthday, I was blessed with the best birthday present ever.  My niece, Tara Shea.  She was born 3 months early just to make it in time for me.  😉

This weekend I was fortunate to spend the day with this beauty of a human.  She lives with her boyfriend Ricky and a dog named Vaughn in Sacramento   Tara is in a wheelchair and Ricky is blind.  They are in love.
They are under the impression that if they get married they will receive less in Social Security payments.   They are both going to college and struggling with the limited income.  They fear the marriage will make it impossible for them to finish their college education.

I just can’t believe that is true!  I searched the internet and I have been unable to assuage their fears.  Does anyone know?

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