Do not trust Dun and Bradstreet Reports

Do not trust Dun and Bradstreet Reports


Do not trust the business credit reports you get from D&B.  I sold my company more than two years ago.  I have tried 23 times now to get my name removed. 

 I do not own the company and they keep telling me it will be updated.  I talked to someone again today who said he isn’t sure why it is still coming to me.  They tell me they have to call back and confirm with the new owner.  So frustrating.

He said today he would ask someone to remove me – according to entity support he can’t do it.

He does claim I will be removed.  I hope so.  Makes me not trust any of their data if the Secretary of State says I don’t own it why the delay?


The guy was really good at customer service though- just sad this company doesn’t have valid information.

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