What am I.. a magnet for great customer service?

What am I.. a magnet for great customer service?

My beautiful niece Tara is getting married february 14 to Rickie… a young man I love and enjoy so much. Tara has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. Trying on wedding dresses is critical to the entire wedding experience. We are super excited about it and with my broken wrist we are a little worried about how much i can actually lift her.

Lisa at Bella Donna Bride Shop in Sacramento is a goddess.

We arrive: me, my two year old, Tara’s aid Angel and Ricky and his seeing eye dog. The red carpet doesn’t adequately define the day we had. .

Lisa and her crew rocked it.  We found the PERFECT dress.  We laughed as Sebastian (2 year old) peeked in every curtain.  Tara looked stunning.  Lisa asked so many questions – not shying away from any issue as she considered Tara having the perfect wedding day in her wheelchair.  What I mean is – Lisa didn’t ignore the physical stuff- she asked tons of questions.   It was awesome.

We went next door to the Terrace Restaurant.  5 star treatment again.  special table.  Everyone asking questions.

I wanted to toast to the happy couple. Asked if they had non-alcoholic bubbly – they didn’t.  I went to the bathroom with my son.  I overheard the woman responsible for watering the tables telling her manager she would run to the store and get sparking cider.. asking if she could please do it.  Please.

We toasted to the day.  You know what is cool?  They didn’t tell us they went to the store.  They didn’t charge us for it.  They just brought it to the table in a silver bucket.  Made a big deal.  Even gave the two year old a champagne flute.

What a special day.

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