Those aren’t buildings on the horizon

Those aren’t buildings on the horizon

You know it is going to be a good night when

1) you are the only one in the security line at the airport.  no stress.. no hurrying to take off your shoes, take out your computer and undress all the jewelry.

2) your gate, number 7, is 12-steps from the bar

3) you just told a room full of people your darkest scariest secret

I am sitting in the Phoenix airport.  I spent the day, it started at 2:30am thank you Sebastian James Law, facilitating a communcations class for 16 women running for office.

Risk.  We are over messaged.  We are tired of being told in pithy sayings what to think and feel.  We need substance- not enlightened sentences.

As I drink my Chardonnay (Meridium- yum!) I reflect on the breakthrough I had today.   I stood in front of a room full of humans and disclosed my deepest secret.

Why would I do that?  Be vunerable.  Say the truth?

In the middle of teaching.. of wowing the room with my expertise in public speaking and communcation.  I saw her.  She was in the back of the room.  Blonde.  Powerful.  Her face was red.  She had tears welling up.  I realized that in this room we had stirred up some stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, she was strong in her realization.  There was no break down… nothing like that.  I just saw the look.  I knew that look.

So.  I said it.  Out loud.

I often quote Diane DiPrima  “Your opinion of me is none of my business”

Today, I get just how hard it is to live by that credo.  And how damn necessary it is to change this planet we live on.

Thank you.  You now who you are.  I told you.  Thank you

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