The mouths of babe

The mouths of babe

I am trying to live the life I want my son to live.   I realize what I do is more important than what I say.  Last night after a particularly challlenging day at the office I was rewriting my day and choosing happiness.  Dancing around my house with my son I started pointing out all the things we were lucky and blessed for.   Auntie Li, the sun, the flowers on the table, our noses, love, the Little Nemo book, the water… the list went on as Sebastian started adding to it.

Suddenly he stops and grabs my face.  You forgot one mommy… he squeezes my face and says YOU!   How to make a mom cry.

I had an insane week last week.  540 CEO’s in for a Leadership conference.  Me and my buddy Adam the co-chairs.  100 times more work than I imagined.  Perfect.  Fabulous.  Amazing event. 

I was exhausted.  I mean EXHAUSTED.  (Dancing on the bar at 1:30am didn’t help Friday night.)

I am finally home.  I am going to spend 2 days with my son.  Saturday morning I watch him wake up.  I can’t wait to see him.  He wakes up and hugs me.  He usually says something super loving to me so I am ready.  It has been 3 days of mom working a lot.  (I had him come over for 3 hours a day so I could still be mom while doing this conference.)  STill, he missed me.  I missed him.  It was nice to be in mom’s big bed reading books again.

He picked out an armload of books.  We started to read the first on.  “I’m so glad to be home and with you Sebastian.”  “Hmmm,” he says.  I put my arm around him to snuggle and start to read the first words.


“Yes sweetheart.”  Now, I am ready.  He always says something sweet to me. 


“Yes honey, what is it”

“Get your arm out of the way.”

I laughed (we laughed) for about 10 minutes.  It was so cute and funny.  Ever since then he wakes up and says “Get our arm out of the way.” just to make me laugh.  How to make a mom laugh.

For some reason he doesn’t eat a lot with me.  I have tried EVERYTHING to get him to eat.  The other night, I sat down at the table with him and realized:  I don’t eat.  Of course he isn’t eating breakfast – I don’t eat breakfast.  I was raised by a single dad who had Parkinson’s disease.  If my dad ate the protein in the food would make the Parkinsons react and thus he never ate.  Rarely ate.  I learned not to eat by watching my dad.  My son is doing the same thing.   As much as I didn’t want to – I am eating breakfast now and VOILA so is Sebastian.  How to make a mom learn.

Once again, proof is in the pudding (or Cheerios) that it isn’t what we say  – it is what we do.  How to make a mom start flossing regularly.


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