It takes a tragedy

It takes a tragedy

I just returned from Marquette University where I was teaching a public speaking class for some electeds and women running for office.  On the campus that I almost attended, I was astounded by the friendliness of the humans I encountered.

I asked 6 separate students the cause of this warmth on their campus.

Six.  Separate.  Individuals.

I received the same answer.

Virginia Tech.

I noticed this too.  After the 1989 earthquake we in San Francisco were so nice to each other.  Folks had to carry Kleenex around November 1, 1989 as they came to a 4-way stop with pedestrians in San Francisco, everyone waved the other person to go in front of them….  It was inspiring.

Standing at one of these stops, I watched a homeless man take the money he was given by a passing vehicle, purchase a cup of coffee and hand it to a police officer directing traffic.  wow.
Sad and warm at the same time.

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