Central Park Jogger

Central Park Jogger

Last month at Axis in San Jose, Trisha Meili spoke to a group of entrepreneurs. I’m not sure if you know the name


What an incredible story of the greatness of human beings. Yes, she was brutally attacked and left for dead. And the outpouring of support she received from strangers is mostly what she talks about.

The Marathon runner who months after her attack wrote her and told her he was going to run the New York Marathon in her honor. He won and sent her his medal. She held it last night as she talked about him. Someone she didn’t know who trained for months and gave her the spoils. One runner to another – his card said something about the medal for her as she finishes the marathon she is on. (She was in the hospital 5 months)

She talks about Solomon Brothers, the stock market firm she worked for, set up a working cubicle for her in the treatment center and put up a sign, “Solomon Brothers, Connecticut branch” to make sure she knew she was part of the team always. She had a stockmarket reader and everything.

Her message is perfect for this economy: Think about what you can do- what you are able to do, live in the present moment always and (in my words) believe in something – anything.   Each tiny moment that gives a glimmer of hope and humanity.

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