The Blue Lady

The Blue Lady

“What day is it mommy?”
“What do we do on Wednesdays?”
Well. Hmmm. It just so happens that tonight is do-whatever-we-want-to Wednesday. What do you want to do Sebastian?
“Take a new car to Opa’s house and go to the beach and have hot chocolate.”
(Opa wasn’t home.. El Granada was still beautiful.)

The Miramar Beach Inn is a perfect spot for W-W-C-D-W-W-W nights. We had a yummy meal, the waiter told us ghost stories of the Blue Lady who haunts the place and after dinner we sat outside under a blanket next to a fire watching the ocean. Yum.
My favorite part? All the romance around us. Couples nuzzling under blankets enjoying the scene. Sebastian saying loudly, “Wow, they must be really cold.”

Driving back over highway 1, Sebastian fell asleep within about 8 seconds and snored for the entire drive home.

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