Maureen knows Napa

Maureen knows Napa

I am often asked about Napa and Wine Tasting from friends.  I am so out of the loop in terms of Napa, so I asked my friend Maureen Birdsall… GODDESS that she is.  Here is what she wrote.  From now on I can just send folks to this little post…. yay!

1) To stay: I like the Sonoma Mission Inn – they have a great spa & are pretty reasonable. I also like the romance of downtown Sonoma. If you eat at French Laundry, the Vellagio is right there in Yountville:

2) Love Auberge for lunch (don’t miss their scallops). Great view & menu. They are very expensive to spend the night. BUT… if you do, get a couples 4 handed massage (ultimate in luxury & romance). If you do go the Meadow wood route, make croquet reservations (need to wear all white)

3) Wine Train = touristy & $$, but really is a fun way to spend an afternoon

4) Castillo de Armorosa: It’s an actual CASTLE – so very cool

5) Bubble Room = an amazing flight along with paired foods:

6) Duck Horn (one of my favorite reds) has a nice tasting:

7) Don’t miss stopping at Dean & Deluca and perusing their gourmet items

8) Call ahead to CSJ & request a private tasting on the patio. Simply beautiful:

9) Napa Valley Grille (a napa staple)

10) Sonoma Side: The girl and the fig:

11) Bouchon (must het the tomato soup en croute):

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