Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this every happened to you?

You wake up in the morning. The sun is shining.. the birds are singing.. you sing “Rockin’ Robin” and shake your butt while brushing your teeth. There is a skip in your step. Have one of those days where everything feels aligned and robust. Decide to attend the Human Rights Watch dinner at the Fairmont.

You arrive early. You realize that 10 hours of life have rubbed off the delicate artistic strokes of Benefit Mascara and eye glitter. You walk in the Ladies and look around you. There are 6 face make-up kiosks in the ladies waiting area (uh, wow, the Fairmont knows women) You belly up and begin the paint by numbers extra action freshen up.

Satisfied, you walk to get your name tag. As you walk away, you hear your name called. “Christina!” You turn and see someone you know and assume this is the purpose of the shout. The lovely lady behind the check-in table tells you that you are a VIP and should venture up to the penthouse. Cool. You feel like you got picked first for kickball or something. Nice surprise.

You go to the elevator and take the gentle ride to the top. As you get out of the elevator, you walk around an incredible suite of rooms. Difficult to describe how lovely it is. You could live there.

You turn the corner and run in to an old friend. You have known him since high school. He was one of your favorite people. You remember fondly the time he ordered pizza in the middle of History class. You remember his black-checkered Vans… You are elated. You start to almost hug him… As you beam recognition.. and you are about to go in for that hug, he puts out his hand and says “Hi, I am Sean. This is my wife Robin.”

Zoinks. I didn’t go to high school with the guy- he is an actor. Doh.

It is the weirdest thing, that reaction. You sheepishly say something really dumb like, “love your work” and move as quickly as possible to get away from Mr. and Mrs. Penn.

As you turn to wipe your brow, you run headlong into Batman. You actually crash into the guy and cause him to lose a step. You actually let out a little cry, not of embarrassment – of surprise.

You stumble over your words, your pumps and chastise yourself for being such a star freaker. (Unable to act normal around famous people)

Your only familiar in the room, spits peanuts as they chuckle at your lack of grace and style. At least only one person witnessed this embarrassing moment.. it isn’t like you are dumb enough to blog about it our anything….

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