Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

A long walk returning to the office

It is pouring

It wasn’t a few hours ago

when I decided not to bring my umbrella

My shoes soaked

My back and shoulders damp

At least I have a hat

I buy an umbrella

Leave the store

Watch her run trying to avoid the drops

Light blue pants suit


Purse above her head

Nice hairdo slowly making its way into disarray

I hand her my umbrella


Oh, no, really, I’m okay

HERE, Take it

She is verklempt



I walk away

She yells thank you

I walk



I duck into another store

Buy two more umbrellas

Stand in the rain

The drops feel like little kisses on my face

I wait

A man with a nice suit and a brief case on his head


A woman with a black dress and a book on her head

Each surprised



Soaked with gratitude

Jumping in the puddles

Squishing feet

Feeling the kind of warm

That only human kindness can kindle

Today: a great day


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