Baby in his own bed… ssssssh

Baby in his own bed… ssssssh

A few months before our son was born, a dear friend of ours gave us a beautiful crib.  It was a perfect size and style for our home.   We went out and bought a new mattress, some yummy fun sheets and bedding.  The crib looked beautiful and perfect just waiting for Sebastian to join in the fun.

We did co-sleeping. (read: he slept with us.)  Over time the bed started to become a clothes hamper.. a “next size toddler clothes” holder… a giant pile of cotton color.

We finally passed it along to another mom in Brisbane.  We decided it was time for our little buck (next time you watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer you will get that reference) to drive a bed.

Tonight, sssssh, is his first night in the bed.  He is actually sleeping in his own bed right now!  Of course, I have checked on him 13 times in the past hour… he is still SLEEPING IN HIS BED!   I have photos to prove it.

Aw, youth.   (another RRNR reference)


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