An easy harmless prank

An easy harmless prank

I define a prank as a harmless human interaction that leaves no permanent physical residue and gets people thinking and interacting.  Hopefully laughing.
A couple of years ago, when I first moved into my building, I noticed no one speaks to each other in the elevator.  I do.    Once I sparked a conversation, folks would start talking to each other.   Sometimes I even committed elevator anarchy and stood the wrong way.  It was fun.

Over time, I realized I was missing something.  What exactly IS happening up there?  Why is it that 98.3% of humans watch the numbers in the elevator?  They lift their chins up and are SO engrossed in those little illuminated digits?  (41.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot.)
I love technology.  I do.   I just didn’t get it?  So, I went to my neighborhood office suppy store and purchased magnetic printable paper.   I printed little signs that said

“Why are you looking up here?  Talk to the person next to you!”

I went in each elevator in my building and JUMPED up to magnetically stick them to the numbers above the door.  I rode the elevators all morning.  It was hysterical.  People really laughed and looked at each other.   Conversation.  Human connection.  I wonder if people started dating, got married and had babies all because of my little prank?   (I have seen way to many romance movies)

The signs didn’t last long.  I got in trouble for it.  (I am still unsure how they knew I was the perp. )

It is harmless.  The signs come down really easy.  They are just magnets.  They cause people to interact.   If anyone out there wants the template – just contact me.

I have said, The Human Relationship is the True Currency for a long time.  What this world needs now is a little bit more pointless friendly human interaction.

If you don’t like chatting the morning – do not get in the elevator with a short gal with red hair at 221 Main Street.


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