Who gets the keys

Who gets the keys

5:30am.  Tow Truck.  Lexus.  Three Year old in rocket ship foot-y pajamas.

Car will not start.  3 year old annoyed.  Wants to know (repeatedly) why he is in pajamas and out of the house in the middle of the night.

Incessant questions about why the car is sick… if the car is dead… is there a new car.

Arrive at the Lexus dealership.  Unpack the car and discuss estimate with Pete the car guy.  Lexus provides a loaner car.  Unable to commit to the car until known how long the repair will be.

It is cold.  Three year old is getting a wee bit grumpy.  Wanting things to hurry along.

Finally, after much discussion, the exhausted too much to do to deal with a broken car mother is granted a loaner car.  (and a nice one at that)  Pete make her sign all sorts of form and then starts to hand her the keys.   Sleepy three year old grabs the keys from his hands and says

“I will be driving the new car, thank you.”

Jumps down from his seat and walks toward the car in a huff with his baby leopard under one arm and the keys outstretched in the other.   Entire garage laughing hysterically.

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