US Airways

US Airways

Hi.  I’m in North Carolina.  Charlotte to be specific.  Watching the debates here has been incredible.  The entire bar so interactive with the TV and totally mixed.

Civility.  Finally.  What we watched last night is the new relationship economy we are in.  Being nice gets people somewhere – especially when they step outside of the moment and make people-oriented comments.  Palin is a journalist and extremely comfortable in front of the camera.  From a communication standpoint – her looking directly at the camera (yay) worked estremely well.   Stylistically well done.

I asked everyone on the way here who their candidate was.  75% Obama and 25% Palin.  Seriously.  It was weird.  I asked roughly 20 peeps and not one person mentioned McCain.

Dropping off my luggages at US Airways- I was over the weight limit.  I had 40 books with me – I needed to take some out of a suitcase.  Before I knew I was over the weight limit I did what I always do.. I chatted with the woman at the counter.  We laughed about having two years olds.. How Tina Fey really did nail it on SNL… how my red and black pumps actually were comfortable.  We were having a great time as she tried to get teh machine to work.  The person next to me – was having a different experience – being short with the woman behind the counter and downright cold.

Funny thing.  Both of us had oversized bags.   I stopped to take some books out – after 2 books the woman helping me waved her hand and said – let’s just let it go.  Thanks honey.

As I walked away I watched mean guy yelling at the customer service person as he took his stuff out of this bag.

Nice gets people stuff.  It is a simple thing.  I am still surprised when i see people treat customer service folks with disdain- it is against their self interest.  The nicer we are the more we get.  And of course, this is not why I do it.  I do it because I am fascinated with people and want to hear from them.  I’m lucky.

I don’t care what your politics are – everyone must admit – amazing strategy and performance last night by Sarah Palin.  She confirms everthing I teach :Be the exact same person, you are on a good day with your closest friends, when you are standing in front of a group of humans.  (with out drinking)   It worked.  it will give her momentum and the interviews of this week will lose momentum.

Biden’d high moment was talking about being a single dad and actually choking up.

Humans want humans.  🙂

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