United Airlines doesn’t like kids

United Airlines doesn’t like kids

I am lucky.  I have a 23 month old.  He is amazing.  We travel together a lot.

 United Airlines does not like children.  They no longer allow families with small children to board first.  There is no longer any pre-boarding for children.  My son REALLY wanted to get on that airplane.  We were in front of the line waiting to board.  (*I assumed there would be pre-boarding.)

I thought for a moment I missed the announcement and asked.  The flight attendant said I can’t let you go on – United no longer allows pre-boarding for children.

My son started to cry.  He stood there and begged to get on the plane.  He was really upset and wanted to see the pilot.

The people in line behind me were upset too.  They were all asking the woman to just let the little boy on – what difference did it make.  She said, “First Class (and some other club names I can’t remember) must go on first.”  I guy in First Class said, I am in First CLass and I am telling you to let the boy on in front of me.   A few other passengers said “Here, Here.”

She wouldn’t.  Sebastian cried.  It was really upsetting.  WHat is the deal United Airlines?  Is it that you feel people are out there having kids just so they can get in front of your first class passengers?  That’s right, there is a huge conspiracy out there about pre-boarding.  It is a good thing you caught on and changed your policy.

When I was finally on the plane and sitting down (Sebastian was really happy and singing, ) a passenger came over and offered me his seat.  He noticed Sebastian was a lap child and I didn’t have a free seat next to me- he wanted to make sure we were comfortable.

The flight attendant threw a fit and said we had to ask her permission before changing seat.  Mind you, the guy was one row behind me.  It was unbelievable.  Great customer service UA and THANK you stranger passenger who helped make our flight more fun.

An hour into the flight, Sebastian let me know he had to go to the bathroom. We are potty training and you parents out there know the challenge.  I was blocked in by the drink cart and unable to go to my designated bathroom in the rear of the plane so I went to the front. 

The flight attendant neary wrestled me to the ground.  You are now allowed up here- this bathroom is for first class passengers only!  I tried to explain about potty training and a 2-year old.  I pointed to the drink cart.  She said simply NO.

I am sad to say.  I went in the bathroom anyway.  I was standing right next to it.  I throughly expected to be arrested when I came out.  He made it in time and he was so proud of himself for going on the airplane.

It was worth the dirty looks and lack of service I received the rest of the flight.

I understand that not everyone likes kids.  I get that.  It is just so strange that an airline would not want family business.  Why treat families with such disdain?


“We know you have a choice when you are flying and we thank you for choosing us.”

Not if I can help it- from now on.  Not only did you steal the pension of loyal employees UA, you are mean to kids.  Bad airline.  Bad airline.


  • Eileen Parenteau
    Posted at 07:49h, 05 November

    Dear Christina,
    I’m happy to hear you speak about your experience on American Airlines – I’ve been traveling with my ten year old son for years and have only found it to be getting worse on airplanes with children. We usually fly Delta and were recently seated in the 11th row and had the same experience where he was told he couldn’t use the first class bathroom and the isle was blocked to the back of the plane. I wish Delta had never gotten rid of Song their planes were much more comfortable and fun to fly.
    I found your blog while learning about you seeing I will be in your upcoming workshop in Portland, ME for Emerge Maine.
    Looking forward to Sat.

  • ivan
    Posted at 15:58h, 27 July

    i was on the web by accident and your blog came across
    such a long time has passed

    i agree with your blog with regard to UA
    the food sucks and bad to children. i guess the stewardess are motherless. no compassion what so ever…

    Ivan Villalobos

    a former employee of your funny company(BF)

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